Biografía Luis Álvarez Cervera

Biography Luis Álvarez Cervera

Luis Álvarez Cervera is a professional rider, born on July 23, 1947 in Madrid. He is loved, respected and admired for his high level of success and for his dedication to this noble equestrian sport.

His horsemanship and his passion for equestrian culture have made him a reference in Spanish equestrian sport today, recognized and respected internationally.

To present this great rider correctly it is necessary to highlight his seven Olympic participations (6 Olympics but in one he participated in both Show jumping and Eventing) and his numerous successes in show jumping competitions, his specialty, at national and international level. It can be said that he has won both in Madrid and in Japan, where he was brilliantly the best rider in an international event in 1985, with a horse that was loaned to him the day before. His talent is indisputable.

His merits in Eventing are also very impressive, which has led him to become the coach of the New Zealand National team in this discipline since 2010.

His first Olympic in Show jumping dates back to 1972 in Munich, were the Spanish team finished in seventh place. Four years later, in Montreal 1976, the Spanish team finished in sixth place. His next Olympics were in Los Angeles 1984, where he obtained an incredible sixth place as an individual and seventh place as a member of the Spanish Team. Seoul 1988 was his fourth Olympiad, and there the Spanish Team finished in eighth place.

Barcelona 1992 was undoubtedly the most significant Olympiad for him, since it took place in Spain and he marked a milestone in the equestrian world, competing in two disciplines: Show jumping and Eventing. In the first discipline, Spain was very close to a medal, finishing fourth, which, as Luis says, is the “chocolate medal”. In Eventing, he was also successful with a fifth place for the Spanish team and seventh place as individual.

Atlanta 1996 was the last Olympic event of his career, finishing eighth with the Spanish team in Eventing.

Countless are the awards and recognitions that he has received throughout his long sports career, which formally began in 1962 and ended in 2012 after competing and winning a test at the Circuito Hípico del Sol (Cádiz) and at the Horse Riding of Toledo in September the same year.

In 1994 the Higher Sports Council awarded him the Silver Medal of the Royal Order of Sports Merit.

In 1997, the Jerez de la Frontera City Council presented him with the Jerez Golden Horse, which is the most important and prestigious recognition granted by the Jerez de la Frontera City Council in the equestrian field.

The Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation has recently awarded him, in 2021, the Gold Medal in recognition of his long and successful sports career.

Medalla de Plata de la Real Orden del Mérito Deportivo

Otorgada por el Consejo Superior de Deportes (1994)

El Caballo de Oro de Jerez

Otorgada por el Ayuntamiento de Jerez (1997)

Medalla de Oro a su extraordinaria trayectoria ecuestre

Otorgada por la Real Federación Hípica Española (2021)

At present

Participated in more than 90 Nations Cups, with 10 Spanish Championships won (seven in Show jumping and three in Eventing), he is currently the official jumping coach of the New Zealand Eventing team and of his son, Eduardo Álvarez Aznar, whos got a Spanish National ranking number 1.

At present, he is working with both novice and established riders, focusing on teaching.

The role of dressage and jumping coaches is not limited to support during training.

– Luis Álvarez Cervera

Palmarés biografía Luis Álvarez Cervera

Olympic participation of Álvarez Cervera



Seventh in team show jumping.



Sixth in team show jumping.


Sixth in individual show jumping and seventh in team show jumping.



Eighth in team show jumping.



Fourth in team show jumping, fifth in complete team competition and seventh in complete individual competition.



Eighth in complete team competition.

Honors Álvarez Cervera

We have tried to summarize in these lines his most significant sporting achievements. If there is no clarification, they are victories:

1960 - 1970
  • 1966 GP in Madrid with Bampur
  • 1967 Spanish Champion (Madrid) with Bampur
  • 1967 Alcalá de Henares
  • 1969 Barcelona with Bampur
  • 1969 San Sebastian with Mullingar
  • 1969 Spanish Champion CCE in Somosaguas,with Raleur de Robina
1970 - 1980
  • 1970 2nd place GP in Biarritz with Mullingar
  • 1970 2nd place in Vichy with Mullingar
  • 1970 2nd place in Switzerland with Acorne
  • 1970 2nd place in Wembley London with Acorne
  • 1970 9th place CSIO Rome with Mullingar
  • 1971 Ginebra, Copa San Jorge With Pagello
  • 1971 2nd place GP in Switzerland with Acorne
  • 1971 Barcelona Nations Cup With Acorne
  • 1971 Participated CSIO in Buenos Aires
  • 1972 2nd place GP in Londres with Wembley
  • 1972 Barcelona with Acorne
  • 1972 Spanish Champion (Sevilla) with Cambalache
  • 1972 Olympic Games Munich, 7th place With team
  • 1973 Alicante with Apple
  • 1973 Valencia with Acorne
  • 1973 Valladolid with Red Baron
  • 1973 3rd place in Nice with Red Baron
  • 1974 Córdoba con Acorne
  • 1974 Spanish Champion (Barcelona) with Acorne
  • 1975 Jaén with Acorne
  • 1975 Córdoba with Vadarkablar
  • 1975 Winner La Copa del Generalísimo with Acorne
  • 1975 Sevilla with Acorne
  • 1976 Vigo with Acorne
  • 1976 Spanish Champion (Madrid) with Thor
  • 1976 Sevilla with Acorne
  • 1975 Zaragoza with Acorne
  • 1976 Olympic Games Montreal, 9th place individual and 6th place with the team
  • 1976 Gijón with Acorne and Thor
  • 1977 Madrid with Thor
  • 1977 Sevilla with Acorne
  • 1977 Somosaguas with Mr. Rafto
  • 1977 Oviedo with Thor
  • 1977 Copa SM el Rey with Thor
  • 1977 2nd place in Aachen with Val de Loire
  • 1978 CSI Lisbon with Ferryman
  • 1978 Copa de la Reina (Barcelona) wih New Shambell
  • 1978 Burgos with New Shambell
  • 1979 Barcelona with Romeo
  • 1979 Nations Cup, Barcelona with Romeo
  • 1979 Bronze medal en los Juegos Mediterráneos con Romeo
  • 1979 Gijón with Romeo


1980 - 1990
  • 1980 Puissance in París with Ferryman
  • 1980 Nations Cup in Lisbon with Ferryman
  • 1980 San Sebastián with Plunder
  • 1980 Spanish Champion in show jumping (Villafranca del Castillo)with Romeo
  • 1980 Copa Rabat with Plunder
  • 1980 Oviedo wtih Romeo.
  • 1980 CHAS (Gijón) with Izalco
  • 1980 Oviedo with Ferryman
  • 1980 Memorial Manuel Losada (Gijón) with Burbuja
  • 1980 GP in Brussels
  • 1980 CHIO Lisboa, tercero con Ferryman
  • 1981 Copa del Rey con Ferryman
  • 1981 Barcelona, Romeo
  • 1981 Copa Presidente del Gobierno with Romeo
  • 1981 Nations Cup Barcelona with Romeo
  • 1981 Puissance CSIO Madrid with Romeo
  • 1981 Hertongenbosch with Izalco
  • 1981 Dortmund with Romeo
  • 1981 Copa Maria Teresa Campmany(CSIO Barcelona) with Izalco
  • 1982 Spanish Champion with Romeo
  • 1982 Nations Cup in Lisbon with Pico
  • 1982 CHAS (Gijón) with Pico
  • 1982 Finalist Copa SM el Rey with Pico
  • 1982 Copa Federación Hípica Española (CSIO Madrid) with Pico
  • 1982 Brussels, 1st place International class with Romeo.
  • 1982 Lisbon Mixed class With Ibis and Logis
  • 1982 Copa Ayto de Sevilla with Hércules
  • 1982 Copa Secretaría Turismo (CSIO Sevilla) with Ibis with Login
  • 1983 Valladolid with Lonzo
  • 1983 Alcalá de Henares with Lonzo
  • 1983 Milano 1st place in a class with Palermo
  • 1983 Puissance CSIO Madrid with Ferryman
  • 1983 Berlín 3rd place with Fveinschinn
  • 1983 Spanish Champion Yeguadas Nacionales Quitane
  • 1984 Participated in the World Championships in Gothenburg with Jexico Parc and Feinschitt Z
  • 1984 La Baule with Jexico Du Parc
  • 1984 Copa Elena Rubinstein with Jexico Du Parc
  • 1984 2nd place Copa SM el Rey with Jexico Du Parc
  • 1984 Olympic Games in Los Ángeles: 6th place individual and 7th place with the team with Jexico Du Parc
  • 1984 Milano 2nd place with Jexico Du Parc
  • 1985 Alcalá de Henares with Mirage Mexican
  • 1985 Japan (Baji Park)with Flawleslly
  • 1986 Alcalá de Henares with Brahms
  • 1986 2nd place Copa Cría Caballar with Varino
  • 1986 2nd place in Falsterbo (Sweden) with Varino
  • 1987 Sevilla Copa Pedro Domecq with Brahms
  • 1987 2nd place Real Maestranza Sevilla with Espada de Luz
  • 1987 Copa Junta de Andalucía with Brahms
  • 1987 Participated at the European Championships in St Galen (Switzerland) with Mirage Mexican and Brahms
  • 1987 Copa Sherry Puerto de Santa María with Richie
  • 1987 Copa Osborne Puero de Santa María with Brahms
  • 1987 Feria del Caballo Jerez de la Frontera with Brahms
  • 1988 Legelshurst (Germany), 4th place with Ritchie
  • 1988 2nd place Copa SM el Rey with Espada de Luz.
  • 1988 Olympic Games Seúl. 8th place with the team
  • 1988 CSNB Barcelona with Brahms
  • 1988 GP in Lieja with Ritchie
  • 1988 1st place in a class in Wollsburg y 9th place in the GP
  • 1988 3rd place Copenhague with Mirage Mexican
Luis Álvarez Cervera y Maestro

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Álvarez Cervera

Olympic rider (show jumping and Eventing), trainer and breeder of sport and racing horses