Millstreet Horse Trials and CSIO of Madrid

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Last weekend, the Millstreet International Horse Trials was held in Ireland.

Laura Collet, an english rider who was already the winner in Badminton, was the winner of the show.
Luis went to the show as coach of the New Zealand team, which was composed of five riders and a total of 18 horses. Although the riders did not bring their lead horses who were resting, the Kiwis perfomed well, especially Jonelle Price, Tim Price and Samantha Lissington. Tim stated on social media that he was really happy with his horses and their progress.

While, In Spain, a CSIO 3*washeld in Madrid. Spain had not won a Cup of Nations in Madrid for 23 years. Luis has been the rider who has participated most times in this test, having contested about 90 Nation Cups with the Spanish team. Eduardo is worthy successor of his father, his double clear round at the Nations Cup contributed to the Spanish gold medal and besides being third in two classes, he won the Grand Prix of the competition. From Ireland Luis was celebrating it.

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