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Santander was the location for the first clinic of the season after the Christmas holidays.  Santander is a small city in the north of Spain.  The first clinic held here, was last November and, there will also be a third clinic here in April.  Luis is very proud of his students in Santander, they are very focused on using his techniques and have a real desire to improve in every clinic. 

The second clinic this year, was held in the Hípica de Toledo (which is close to Madrid).  The last time Luis taught a clinic there was ten years ago.  This recent clinic was a great success with a weekend of instruction, keenly enjoyed by an enthusiastic group of riders and non-riding student observers. 
Luis Álvarez Cervera´s schedule this season is very intense, so far this month he has been advising Teresa de Borbón, at her beautiful estate, about holding eventing events, shows and clinics etc:  he has also been travelling with students to try horses and has been teaching clinics over in the United Kingdom. Tim and Jonelle each rode 9 horses today, 29th January, in the jumping training with LAC at the magnificent equestrian facilities of the Brazilian Olympic rider,  Ruy Fonseca who is based in the UK.

He will finish off just this weekend in Bolesworth, at the impressive facilities of Nina Barbour. 

His next training date is at the Andalucía Sunshine Tour, in Vejer. 

Lac with Tim Price on Skyboy, winner of Burghley

Pregúntale al experto


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